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The Research and Development Center (RDC) "АМG - Agroselect" is a dynamic developing company with its traditions, with a professionally trained collective, which ensures effective and stable operation.

At present, RDC "AMG - Agroselect" is a company with full cycle of seed material preparation: from the growing of seed grain on hybridization areas up to processing at the own plant, outfitted with the latest equipment. The high quality of seeds is guaranteed by the observance of the newest technologies in the domain of seed growing.

The scientists of RDC "AMG - Agroselect" collaborate successfully with the scientists from Serbia and Montenegro, France, Romania and USA through the F.A.O. program in the domain of sunflower selection.

The modern equipment of the processing plant allows carrying out of thorough cleaning, sorting, and calibration of seeds. Thereafter, the seeds undergo the treatment with disinfectants (fungicides and insecticides) and growth stimulators. The seeds are packed in 12 kg bags.

Only seeds that have undergone the multiphase control are proposed for sale, which is confirmed by quality certificates and quarantine certificates. The seed grain fully complies with the State Standards.

Recently, a number of hybrids (SNH 300, SNH 311) have been created, which have improved properties (high yielding, high resistance to various diseases). At the moment, they are tested in various phases of the selection process. Following the preliminary tests, these hybrids are able to meet competition as regards the analogical hybrids of other selection establishments.

Sunflower hybrid seeds (F-1) are grown in specialized seed growing economic units of the Republic of Moldova in the most optimal areas for their growing.

In 2002, the State Commission of Ukraine for testing and protection of plant varieties has recognized as prospective three hybrids, submitted by RDC "AMG - Agroselect"Vitalia, Oxan, Performer.

In 2003, these hybrids have been districted and introduced in the State Register of Ukraine plant varieties. In compliance with the data from the grade testing centers of Lugansk, Dnepropetrovsk, Nikolaevsk, Odessa, Vinitsa, Poltava and Chernovtsy regions, the crop yield of hybrids surpassed the standard by 5-15.9 centners/ha.

In 2002, in Russia took place and was successfully completed the state testing of three hybrids of RDC "AMG - Agroselect" - Drofa, Olea, Xenia in the Central-Chernozemic, Center-Volzhsky, Low-Volzhsky and Ural regions. The achieved results have surpassed other analogical crop yield in these regions. The exceeding of crop yield standards constituted from 3,2 up to 12,2 centners/ha, oil in seeds - by 7,4%. Since 2003 these hybrids are introduced in the State Register of selection accomplishments, allowed for utilization.

RDC "AMG - Agroselect" SRL

MD-3001, Soroca, 35, Cosauti str.
Phone/Fax (Chisinau office): (+373 22) 202 545
Phone/Fax (Soroca office): (+373 230) 3 18 03

Gherjavschi Grigorii - Executive Director (CEO)

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